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A road plan is a polyline with curves fitted in vertices. The curve consist from arc segment and start/end clothoids.

To add road plan into a drawing use following functions:

Function Meaning
lcBlockAddRPlan Adds a road plan
lcRPlanAddVer Adds a vertex
lcRPlanSetCurve Sets curve parameters

Road plan specific functions:

Function Meaning
lcRPlanAddVer Adds a road plan vertex
lcRPlanSetCurve Sets curve parameters for specified vertex
lcRPlanSetPos Sets vertex position
lcRPlanDeleteVer Deletes a vertex from a road plan
Used to sequentially retrieve all vertices from a road plan
lcRPlanGetVer Gets a road plan vertex by its index
lcRPlanGetPoint Gets a point on a road plan by distance from beginning
lcRPlanGetDist Gets nearest point on road curve

A road plan has properties and functions derived from base class and the following specific properties:

Property Type Access Meaning
LC_PROP_RPLAN_LEN float R Length
LC_PROP_RPLAN_MARKARC bool RW Draw markers for curve and clothoid start/end points
LC_PROP_RPLAN_MARKSIZE float RW Size of curve markers
LC_PROP_RPLAN_NVERS int R Number of vertices
LC_PROP_RPLAN_IVER int RW Index of current vertex

Vertex properties (use vertex handle to access it):

Property Type Access Meaning
LC_PROP_RPVER_X float R Coordinate X
LC_PROP_RPVER_Y float R Coordinate Y
LC_PROP_RPVER_ANGLE float R Turn angle. Positive - to left, negative - to right
LC_PROP_RPVER_DIRANG float R Direction angle to the next vertex
LC_PROP_RPVER_R float R Radius of arc segment
LC_PROP_RPVER_L1 float R Length of first clothoid (before arc)
LC_PROP_RPVER_L2 float R Length of second clothoid (after arc)
LC_PROP_RPVER_ANGL1 float R First clothoid included angle
LC_PROP_RPVER_ANGARC float R Arc included angle
LC_PROP_RPVER_ANGL2 float R Second clothoid included angle
LC_PROP_RPVER_BISEC float R Bisector length
LC_PROP_RPVER_DOMER float R Domer length
LC_PROP_RPVER_ARCLEN float R Arc length
LC_PROP_RPVER_CURLEN float R Curve length (arc + clothoids)
LC_PROP_RPVER_T1 float R Curve tangent before vertex
LC_PROP_RPVER_T2 float R Curve tangent after vertex
LC_PROP_RPVER_LINE1 float R Length of line segment before the curve
LC_PROP_RPVER_LINE2 float R Length of line segment after the curve
LC_PROP_RPVER_DIST1 float R Distance from road beginning to the curve start point
LC_PROP_RPVER_DIST2 float R Distance from road beginning to the curve end point

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