Points buffer Home

Points buffer is a list of points that represent geometric shape. It can be drawn in a window with the function lcPaint_DrawPtbuf .

These are the functions used to manage points buffer:

Function Meaning
lcPaint_CreatePtbuf Creates point buffer object
lcPaint_DeletePtbuf Deletes points buffer object
lcPaint_PtbufClear Removes all points
lcPaint_PtbufAddPoint Adds one point
lcPaint_PtbufAddPoint2 Adds one point
lcPaint_PtbufAddPointP Adds one point, using polar offset from previous point
lcPaint_PtbufAddLine Adds two points
lcPaint_PtbufAddLineP Adds two points, using polar offset for second point
lcPaint_PtbufAddCircle Adds a circle points (Center, Radius)
lcPaint_PtbufAddCircle2 Adds a circle points (2 opposite points)
lcPaint_PtbufAddCircle3 Adds a circle points (3 points)
lcPaint_PtbufAddArc Adds an arc points (Center, Radius, start Angle, arc Angle)
lcPaint_PtbufAddArc3p Adds an arc points (Start, Middle, End)
lcPaint_PtbufAddArcSDE Adds an arc points (Start, Direction angle, End)
lcPaint_PtbufAddArcSDAR Adds an arc points (Start, Direction angle, Arc angle, End)
lcPaint_PtbufAddArcSER Adds an arc points (Start, End, Radius)
lcPaint_PtbufAddArcSEL Adds an arc points (Start, End, arc Length)
lcPaint_PtbufAddArcSEA Adds an arc points (Start, End, Arc angle)
lcPaint_PtbufAddArcSEB Adds an arc points (Start, End, Bulge)
lcPaint_PtbufAddArcCSE Adds an arc points (Center, Start, End)
lcPaint_PtbufAddArcCSA Adds an arc points (Center, Start, Arc angle)
lcPaint_PtbufAddArcCSL Adds an arc points (Center, Start, chord Length)
lcPaint_PtbufAddArcCRAA Adds an arc points (Center, Radius, start Angle, end Angle)
lcPaint_PtbufAddEllipse Adds an ellipse or elliptical arc
lcPaint_PtbufAddEllipse2 Adds an ellipse, inscribed into a rectangle
lcPaint_PtbufAddRect Adds a rectangle (Center, Width, Height, Rotation)
lcPaint_PtbufAddRect2 Adds a rectangle (2 points, no rotation)
lcPaint_PtbufAddRect3 Adds a rectangle (3 points)
lcPaint_PtbufAddWline Adds a wide line polygon
lcPaint_PtbufAddPtbuf Adds points from other buffer
Retrieves a point coordinates
lcPaint_PtbufInterpolate Generates new set of points as a result of source points interpolation
lcPaint_PtbufMove Moves all points
lcPaint_PtbufRotate Rotates all points
lcPaint_PtbufScale Scales all points
lcPaint_PtbufMirror Mirrors all points
lcPaint_PtbufCopy Copies all points into other points buffer